Sound Transmission Control Doors Manufacturers

In both residential and commercial construction, managing and containing sound transmission is growing in popularity. When striving to lessen the noise that is entering or leaving a room or building, doors can be a crucial component. STCs (Sound Transmission Class) are measurements of how well a door can block the transmission of airborne noise. For a variety of applications, Stairway Studio offers high STC Rated Doors. STC (Sound Transmission Class) ratings range from STC 26db to STC 70db for our sound-rated doors.

Product Features
  • 1. Frames & Shutter available in Steel/ Wooden ard Acoustic Doors ( Fire-rated or Non Fire Rated)
  • 2. Custom Designs Acoustic Doors ( Fire-rated or Non Fire Rated)
  • 3. Single / Double Door - Fire Rated / Non Fire Rated acoustic STC 40 door sets,.
  • 4. Hinges specially designed for Stability and Permanence in fast moving areas
  • 4. Heat Insulating and sound control
  • 5. Shutter thickness of 60 / 75mm
Sound Transmission Control Doors Manufacturers
  • 6. No welding joints and sharp edges, interlocking at the stiles
  • 7. Commercial offices
  • 8. Factory prepped to accept all manufacturers’ hardware (ie Hinges/ Lock / Panic Bar/Door Closers)
  • 9. All required seals and a threshold are included
  • 10. Steel Acoustic Door Can be supplied in Powder Coated finish of any color.
  • 11. Wooden Acoustic Door shall be finished with Laminate / Veneer with polish of any shade and Brand..

How to sound-proof the doors ?

Sound Transmission Control Doors Manufacturers of standard and custom SOUNDPROOFED GLASS for interior swinging doors for the construction industry. Features include continuous piano-style hinges, rubber perimeter seals with a fully mortised automatic door bottom and an acoustic threshold. Suitable for home theatres, offices, vocal booths, bedrooms, hotels, mixing rooms, recording studios and rooms that require high isolation for low frequencies or within the vocal range. Parallelly, Industrial Sliding Doors are quite affordable and functionally reliable too.

Available with 16 ga. door thickness and steel, stainless steel and wood construction. Bolt-in, floor, masonry and metal and wood stud anchor options available. Architectural, industrial and custom applications served.

The materials with the optimum sound-proofing insulating qualities that reflect and absorb sound include:

  • Steel
  • Timber