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At Stairway Studio - the custom Door Manufacturer and Doors Manufacturers & Distributors, we strive to innovate new designs every single day. Our clients rely on us for well-furnished doors that are sound-proof, water-resistant, fire-resistant, and termite-proof. We are one of the best industrial door Manufacturer, Door Manufacturers. All our products are budget-friendly.

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Sound Transmission Control "Acoustic" Doors (Wooden & Steel)

One of our most selling products are the Acoustic Doors. It prevents from sound entering the room. Acoustic Doors are sound-proof. We have a variety of designs that suits your needs. There’s absolutely no need to do weldings. Stairway Studio customize the design of doors as per the client's requirements. Experts recommend the best possible product according to your needs.

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Steel Frames and Doors (Fire Rated & Non-fire Rated)

Steel Fire Doors is another best-selling product customized by the Stairway Studio. We also provide Stainless Steel Doors that are rust-proof. The Steel Fire Doors catered by Stairway Studio are durable and robust enough to use. We also provide installation services that reduce end-time hassle. Fire doors are meant to be reliable and of critical importance both- at the office and at homes.

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Wooden Frames and Doors (Fire Rated & Non-fire Rated)

Doors made out of Timber are our carpenter's best friends. It is easy to handle and can be planed and joined with a few ordinary tools by the carpenters. These doors are highly durable and water-resistant. The main objective of going for Timber Fire Woods is because they are highly fire-resistant and have strength. The Stairway Studio caters to the best Timber Fire Woods at the most affordable prices. At Stairway Studio, we are wooden door & Steel door Manufacturer.

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Flush Doors-Wooden & Steel

The Stairway Studio is a well-renowned manufacturer and supplier of Flush Doors. These doors are designed with compact wood filters for higher strength. These doors have large and uniform frames. We have a wide range of colors for you to select from. The paint used to color the doors provides protection from UV rays that helps the doors from rusting.

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Lead Lined (Radiation Shielding) Doors (Wooden & Steel)

Our Radiation Shielding Doors manufacturers are highly proficient who meets the requirements of the clients. Stairway Studio offers everything from design assistance to deployment to give you a solution for radiation Shielding applications.Get your queries answered here at Stairway Studio. We are just a call away.

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Sliding Doors & Rolling Shutters

Sliding Doors are highly durable and hence have a long life. These doors are available in all sizes and types of the door opening. Stairway Studio offers no obstruction at the bottom as the bottom guide track is flushed at the floor. The sliding doors are corrosion-proof too. Doors are easy to assemble and install. There is no accumulation of dust and dirt on the track. Rolling Shutters are one of the perfect window solutions that provide security and protection from the exterior world.

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Double Glazed Windows

DGU Glass or Double glazing units comprise of two panes of glass that are separated with a spacer and filled with argon gas in the gap between the two layers of glass. The glass is further finished on the sides and is ready for installation.

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Welcome To

stairway studio

Stairway Studio -one of the leading architectural door-set manufacturers, headquartered at Nagpur (MS), ranging from Wooden, Steel and Glass covering all sectors including Hotel, Hospital, Airport, Education, Commercial, Corporate Auditoriums / Convention Centres and Residential.

Open the Door to New Opportunities!

From our creative designers to expert team, we are good at understanding the vitality of your exact requirements. It will enhance the luxuriousness and gives the room a pleasing look. 

Stairway Studio are manufactured in the region to meet the GCC’s demands and requirements, whether it be aesthetic preferences or technical adv.

As we promise quality products we also provide installation and delivery all over India, through our team of dedicated professionals.  

Why Choose Stairway Studio ?

Stairway Studio (SS) is framed by our collaborative, flexible design team in door manufacturing & steel structures; our technical and experienced professionals committed to providing the best products meeting major market requirements of Doors and Frames and backed up by commendable customer service.

Need Installation?

Stairway Studio Installation Team shall make the difference when a door whether it’s of steel or wooden are installed effectively!

Stairway Studio supplies excellent features like it-

  • Focuses on delivering quality
  • Insists on Professional, Accountability, and High Touch quality
  • Being alert to our customers
  • Strive to continue the implementation with quality & better services

What Our Client Says !

Superior Quality
Strong Service Commitment
Innovative Quality Products
Eco Friendly Process

Stairway studio provided us with the best quality steel doors for our office space. The designs they suggested to us based on the look and feel of the office are truly mesmerizing and pleasant to look at.

Doors are the gateway from where all positive energy comes. Therefore we wanted the doors of our house to look and feel as light as heaven. Thanks to Stairway Studio for assisting us in selecting the perfect doors for our house.

Enhanced protection, durability, aesthetic feel, and super light to slide. What else can we say about the doors that Stairway Studios provided us with? We are truly satisfied with the quality and guidance we got from the support team.

Being a chemical company, we required doors that are resistant to all kinds of harmful chemical gasses. The Steel doors from Stairway Studio were a solution to all our requirements.

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