Wooden Frame Manufacturers

One of the best Wooden Frame Manufacturers is on-the-go, high-quality designed hardwood doors and frames is Stairway Studio. Talking about the design and aesthetic, there are many different colours to pick from for these doors and frames. Both its installation and maintenance are easy.

Stairway Studio is the best manufacturer of wooden doors and frames in India. Our smooth-touch doors and frames are fully adjustable. It's a great idea to choose from our many designs.

Product Features
  • 1. Wooden Frame Doors are manufactured using standard quality of quality raw materials.
  • 2. Construction: Hollow Core and Solid Core.
  • 3. Fire Rating – 1 , 2 & 3 Hours Fire Rating
  • 4. Shutter thickness 35mm/ 40 mm /50 mm /60mm
  • 5. Clear vision lite of any size and shape
Wooden Frame Manufacturers
  • 6. Provision to accept all manufacturers’ hardware (ie Hinges/ Lock / Panic Bar/Door Closers)
  • 7. Highly aesthetical
  • 8. Easy to Install
  • 9. Door Faces are made up of a suitable board substrate for painting or decoration with the required decorative finishes like laminate, veneer and polished.

Grand Entrance with Grand Doors at Stairway Studio!

STAIRWAY STUDIO - the best fire-rated Wooden Doors and Frames Manufacturer, provides fire doors in different styles that will protect your property from fire hazards. The Fire Rated Wooden Doors are manufactured in our own workshop.  

We also supply fire-rated doors for homes as part of our residential fire-rated doors line that will protect domestic properties. We can provide full assembly of Fire Rated Doors with Fire Rated Hardware with fire-rated doors with glass. We produce all our products to the latest fire-rated doors specifications which ensures a high degree of protection for all properties.