Lead Lined (Radiation Shielding) Doors

Lead-lined wood doors are often used in hospitals, airports, and commercial environments to block the transmission of hazardous radiation. The doors have an outside made of wood or laminate and inside layers of particleboard and lead.

Lead-lined doors from Radiation Protection Products are made from the best components and craftsmanship. You may be sure to get the most robust and Lead Lined Door services that are available, thanks to regular quality monitoring and inspection. Lead-lined doors must always be installed using lead-lined frames to provide the best level of radiation protection.

Product Features
    Lead lined Steel Doors:
  • 01. Best suited for Hospitals and X – ray rooms
  • 02. Available in Galvanised Steel/ Stainless Steel/MS CRCA
  • 03. Core infill for structurally flat surface & construction with 2 mm to 6mm thick lead lining, as per requirement of client..
  • 04. No welding joints and sharp edges, interlocking at the stiles Shutter thickness of 40 mm /50 mm /60mm door up to width of 1200mm
  • 05. Finish: Powder Coated.
Lead Lined Door services
    Lead lined Wooden Doors:
  • 01. Lead lined doors are constructed using a single layer of sheet lead in the centre of the door. Wood cores are laminated under hydraulic pressure on each side of the lead.
  • 02. Shutter thickness of 40 mm /50 mm /60mm door up to width of 1200mm
  • 03. Finish : Laminate Finish

Radiation Protection Products' Lead Lined Door services

Radiation has a premium line of lead-lined metal doors and frames created to seem like doors and frames from architectural designs. The best materials available and the usual level of skill were used in the design and construction. The high weight that sheet lead places on doors is accounted for in their design. It won't affect their aesthetics or radiation protection because they are built to accommodate this additional weight.

The frames are made to hold the lead-lined doors and create a lead-lined interface between them and the lead-lined walls in the surrounding buildings. Typically, they are fastened to wall studs using a variety of procedures created especially to retain the door firmly and stop radiation shielding leakage. The Double Glazed Windows are also used to prevent noise from entering our homes.

Lead-lined doors from Radiation Protection Products are made with a single layer of sheet lead in the door's core. On both sides of the lead, wood cores are bonded together under hydraulic pressure.

We produce lead-lined doors with leaded x-ray glass windows and the choices specified to your needs. The wooden doors can be built in a variety of sizes and lead thicknesses depending on the level of radiation protection you require. Additionally, we offer conventional and custom hollow metal door frames with steel bracing and lead lining. Lead shielding must be a continuous sheet, as per the requirements. 99.94% pure lead that complies with required criteria. Without laminations, scale blisters, cracks, or penetration, Sheet Lead will be unpierced. The quantity of shielding required in a door or frame should match the amount needed in the wall where it will be installed. The Sheet Lead must be put into the frame after being contoured to fit. Lead joints are joined by welding to maintain shielding continuity and keep in place during transportation and installation.