Ms. Chanchala Singh

Achiever's Success Story


Journey always starts with the purpose “ THE GOAL”. Business, it defined as an occupation or a profession. For Ms. Chanchala is her passion. “STAIRWAY STUDIO” flourishes as a brand now. The organisation stand at a level where their customers, suppliers and team have extreme faith on them. Ms. Chanchala believes nothing comes easy , you have to compromise in every level of it.

She believes that she comprises passion and perseverance in equal measures. She absolutely loves what she does and never felt like it’s an imposition.

Her journey so far is a reflection of a strong work ethics, motivation, and powerful desire to succeed. Whatever situation she came across she has faced it with utmost determination.

At the age of 35, she started her journey. She has faced many challenges but her never give up attitude kept pushing her to come back stronger in every situation. Goal was to make her company THE BEST COMPANY in that sector.

Initial years, she faced problems due to lack of exposure and financial crisis. There was no strategic plan to run the business, hence she was dealing everything on trial-and-error basis.

Every time there was a feeling of fear about what would happen next, but she never gave up.

She is an inspiration for her fellow female entrepreneurs.