Sliding Doors & Rolling Shutters

In today’s scenario, security of the premises is of supreme importance. This is dependent on the doors and the locking system used. Stairway Studio offers high range of doors and shutters that allows security at high end. Most of our sliding doors and rolling shutters are installed by our customers and are secured enough.

The two forms of sliding doors are vertical sliding doors and horizontal sliding doors. The horizontal variation opens by sliding either left or right, unlike the vertical form, which slides upward.

Product Features
  • 1. Available in Galvanised Steel/ Stainless Steel/MS CRCA
  • 2. Motorised / Non Motorized Rolling Shutter
  • 3. Perforated Rolling Shutter
  • 4. Excellent Finishing
  • 5. Low maintenance
  • 6. Manually Operated Sliding Door
  • 7. Easy Installation
  • 8. High Durablitity

Get beautiful doors and shutters with higher convenience at Stairway Studio!

The main reasons of using sliding doors and rolling shutters is that it takes little space when they are open. As the doors close and open upwards and downwards respectively, it becomes easier to open by pressing a button alone. Sliding doors are quite comfortable and are safe to access your building - both in and out. Be it a manual or automatic sliding doors - this system adds to the beauty and functionality of your room. The sliding doors are barrier-free with state-of-the-art technology. This makes easy usage with no worry. Our sliding doors also come in a range of Lead-Lined Doors for protection from harmful radiation.