Fire Rated Shaft Door

Stairway Studio - the fire proof door Manufacturing Company is the most useful doors manufacturings that are also fire and smoke-resistant. We design dependable, secure structures, and the creation of fire-rated doors reflects this concept. Our team excels at identifying fire doors that suit your interior and keep you safe during an emergency.

The specialists at Stairway Studio are capable of incorporating the most egregious trends into the construction. We have performed for a wide range of clients and completed a wide range of projects in the past. All of these tasks gave us the experience necessary to work with the most prestigious clients in the industry. With this, we also deploy Steel Frames And Doors that are both fire-rated and non-fire-rated.

Product Features
  • 01. Fire Doors are manufactured using standard quality of galvanized steel sheets.
  • 02. Robust, High quality, Fine finish.
  • 03. Fire shaft door shall be finished with Powder Coated / Paint / Wooden Finish, as per client choice.
fire proof door Manufacturing Company
  • 04. Insulation property adds to the safety of occupants tapped in fire
  • 05. This Doors Use in Commercial complex, Residential Building, Hospital, Pharmaceutical, Industries, Offices, Factories, Laboratories, Hotels

Stairway Studio presents Fire Rated Shaft Doors at affordable prices !

Our fire-rated doors have been tested and proven to be useful when a fire is advancing. To make sure that your fire-rated doors are as likely as possible, we only use tried-and-true materials. Additionally, we pay attention to the parts and identify the metal pieces that are less prone to catch fire.

Stairway Studio - fire proof door Manufacturing Company works with business clients who wish to guarantee more reasonable safety for everyone. Because of this, we think about identifying the elements contributing to improved protection.

The shaft door offers a secure and aesthetically pleasing alternative to safeguard your mechanical and electrical building installations. The use of the installation shaft door prevents fires that occur on the premises from reaching the installations and fires that may occur in the installation shafts from spreading to the usage areas. In the event of a potential fire, the installation shafts create a chimney effect and cause the fire to spread quickly to the upper zones. Galvanized steel, which is resistant to crushing and buckling, is used for both the permanent outer frame and the moveable inner frame.