Industrial Sliding Door

Sliding doors are sleek, contemporary, and save space. When it comes to maximizing the use of daylight and satisfying optical requirements, glass sliding doors are great. The greatest variety of application needs can be implemented within a building using the automatic sliding doors from Stairway Studio. The Sliding Door System is very affordable and functionally very reliable. This system is a real powerhouse that can easily and safely move large doors.

Depending on the security needs and operational ease, Stairway Studio offers a variety of locking options for the dependable locking and unlocking of automatic sliding door systems. Large openings benefit greatly from the use of motorized heavy industrial sliding doors, which are specially made to our customer's specifications.

Product Features
  • 01. Flush Doors are manufactured using standard quality of quality raw materials.
  • 02. Construction: Hollow Core and Solid Core.
  • 03. Shutter thickness 35mm/ 40 mm /50 mm /60mm
  • 04. Clear vision lite of any size and shape
  • 05. Provision to accept all manufacturers’ hardware (ie Hinges/ Lock / Panic Bar/Door Closers)
  • 06. Highly aesthetical
  • 07. Easy to install on a flush wall opening & dry wall partitions.
  • 08. High aesthetics and robust structure
  • 09. Door Faces are made up of a suitable board substrate for painting or decoration with the required decorative finishes like laminates, veneer and polished.

Adding beauty to your space with Stairway Studio furnishings !

When a door opening with the greatest possible opening is required, they are perfect for industrial applications as both internal and outdoor doors. The doors are highly durable, impact resistant, and efficiently corrosion-protected because they are made for demanding daily use. Sliding doors have a long lifespan because they are quite sturdy. These doors come in a variety of sizes and door opening kinds. Because the bottom guide track is flat with the floor, Stairway Studio provides no obstruction at the bottom. Additionally corrosion-proof are the sliding doors. Doors with Architectural Hardware are simple to install and put together. The track is clear of any buildup of dirt and dust. One of the best window solutions for security and protection from the outside world are rolling shutters.